kate digilio loves emojis.     omgemoji.     creator & developer.

OMGemoji is a Mac OS plugin that was born from a personal need: to use emojis always and everywhere.

These little characters are not only an Age of the iPhone zeitgeist, but modern hieroglyphics, and while Mac operating systems support emojis, they sure as hell don't make it easy to use them. I developed a keyboard language plugin that allows users to toggle and type in emojis without searching in a nested character palette.

Previous emoji usage time: 5.2s. Current emoji usage time: 0.3s.

Download it at omgemoji.me

 kate digilio gave birth to a character.     the Hollywood Theatre.     art director.

Portland has one of the greatest movie theaters in the world but Portlanders don't visit it.

The Hollywood Theatre, despite being great, is ten blocks too far from being in a hip part of town, and its revitalized programming was the city's best kept secret.

In order to put the theater on peoples' maps and let the people of Portland know about all of the cool stuff happening there, Todd Saucier and I developed Mr. Hollywood to give the Hollywood a voice to talk about everything that makes it a hidden gem.

Well hello there, I'm Mr. Hollywood, and I'm your ally against the ordinary!

I'm here to give away hundreds of free tickets and spread the glory of our favorite movie manor throughout the City of Roses!


Modular Mr. Hollywood heads & bodies

Radio / theater pre-roll audio spots written by Todd Saucier and Ansel Wallenfang.

The character's friendliness from another era and enthusiastic drive to gab about the finest entertainment, edibles, and educational programs was boundless. Mr. Hollywood cheerfully traveled all over the City of Roses, shaking hands and doling out free tickets to neighborly reintroduce himself to the town and invite everyone over for a film.

 kate digilio danced with a zine machine.    iprc.     art director.

The Independent Publishing Resource Center is one of Portland's most magical places. It's got every piece of self-publishing, zine-making, and print-gooding equipment someone could ask for. It also runs on the pure DIY soul of the city. The IPRC approached W+K12 for a promotional poster campaign for their 8th Annual Text Ball themed 'literary devices.'

I crafted a campaign that was lead strongly with sophisticated visuals and human touch, combining real IPRC equipment with party language to heighten anticipation and compound the theme of the event.

 kate digilio wants to shut cancer up.     sincerely, cancer.     concept / creative.

In October of 2013, W+K12 was asked to pitch campaigns for an amazing challenge; Nike co-founder Phil Knight and his wife Penny pledged to donate $500 million to Oregon Health and Science University if they could raise $500 million on their own in just two short years.

This campaign did not win the pitch. Its directness scared some people, and made others uncomfortable. There was concern this campaign could offend, or could not sustain itself over two whole years. In the end, it lost out to something equally as beautiful but my team and I are very proud of the work.

After all, cancer doesn't care if you're comfortable.

We have tried to defeat cancer by raising awareness, by selling ribbon-adorned products, and scattering research, but in this process we have ignored cancer's evil irreverence. It has been a loud obnoxious bully for as long as we've been on this planet.

Cancer's done all the talking, and it's about time we shut it up.

In 10 years, with people rising up to this charge, money raised and research done, cancers treated and lives saved, we would be able to say on behalf of cancer:

 kate digilio has joie de vivre.     zsa zsa.

Zsa Zsa is a Zine.

It's tentative chatter, light and charming, with an interested stranger.

Zsa Zsa is joie de vivre.
Zsa Zsa is je ne sais quoi.
Zsa Zsa is powering through a bad day.
Zsa Zsa is independence.
Zsa Zsa is survival.
Zsa Zsa is spirit.

Zsa Zsa began as an exploration of femininity and creative force that began when W+K12.9 walked in and the four female members—Anna Zusman, Francesca Chabrier, Delia Reyes and myself—realized we were heavily outnumbered.

We spend our time talking about whatever, creating art experiences, writing and illustrating. Our first publication, Things That Are Zsa, was self-published in October 2013.

Below are my contributions to the publication.

Top row, left to right: women with long white hair, Nina Simone, pineapples, Katy Perry.
Bottom row, left to right: adults with braces, Carmen Miranda, creme brulee, large gold hoop earrings.

 kate digilio gets happy.     pink martini.     digital strategist / social media manager.

W+K12 was lucky enough to find a friend in Portland-grown Pink Martini. When the band began gearing up to release its album Get Happy they approached us to help promote it. Using the album's inspiration—the 1956 French film The Red Balloon—as a foundation we proposed turning the band into the ultimate International Ambassadors of 'Happy' using one of the happiest things there is: balloons!

In Portland and New York City, we hosted free shows and stunts that featured the band and handed out thousands of balloons adorned with sayings of happiness for any and all.

Through the band's Facebook page, we let Pink Martini fans participate by responding to the simple question "What makes you happy?" Their answers were then placed on tags, sponsoring thousands of balloons that spread happy. The tags were then photographed and placed in a public photo album to be claimed by their authors.

With just these balloons, and in just two weeks, Pink Martini generated over 250,000 impressions via Instagram and Twitter with people photographing the very happy hullabaloo. Below is a selection of instagram posts of users from the campaign.

 kate digilio wants to break google maps.     pink martini.     art director.

In chorus with our spread of happy, Pink Martini charged W+K12 with the task of doing something "extraordinary" for their album's promotional photographs.

I proposed an immersive and interactive experience using Google Maps as a platform in a way it's never been used before. With the "step inside" feature, Pink Martini could throw open the doors of its headquarters in downtown Portland to fans across the globe.

Once clicking inside, fans could explore a 360° capture of the band buzzying about in its rehearsal space, each view echoing the atmosphere of the new album.

Pink Martini HQ — Interior shots

Additionally, fans could explore the upstairs apartment of frontman and host extraordinaire Thomas Lauderdale to discover the artwork and ephemera that has shaped the band's 20-year rise.

Pink Martini HQ — Interior shots

 kate digilio knows a lot about the number 12.     this is 12.     concept / designer.

When the ninth class of W+K12 was asked to introduce ourselves to Wieden+Kennedy (and the world) we knew there was only one thing to do.

Twelve is everywhere. It's in our eggs, our clocks, and our blood. We gathered 144 facts about W+K12 and 144 facts about the number twelve and illustrated them in a 12x12 themed poster show. We offered dozens of donuts, ounces of beer, and all sorts of knowledge on this mystical number that rules our lives.

You can view all the posters here in a website I designed so we could share our findings on 'twelve' across the world. Or view some of my favorites below.

 kate digilio told it on the mountain.     jeep spec.    writer / art director.

As an exercise in voice, I was assigned the Jeep brand to examine and write a piece for. After examining their current advertising, I wrote "Get lost," and developed some creative work for the brand on spec using the newly developed voice and positioning.

We got lost.

Somewhere between the driveway and the vista we settled down. We softened our edges, padded our seats, and boxed out the outdoors. We only drove on the roads on maps and ignored our gut instincts in favor of navigation systems.

We got lost.

But man is built for adventure. And along the way we found the only way to find ourselves was to get lost all over again.

Whenever foot meets dirt, whenever rubber meets mud or steep incline or wooded floor or field or rocky ridge or gravel or unknown mixed terrain, that is where we can begin.

Get lost.

 kate digilio loves print.     gauge.     creative director.

The award-winning Gauge magazine was the premier short run magazine to be published by students on the Emerson College campus. I had the pleasure of being a member of the design team throughout my undergraduate tenure, serving as Creative Director for my last three issues as an upperclassman.

I learned how to completely blow a budget, how to worry if your cover model is going to get electrocuted, how not to bid out a print job, and how to make my parents very uncomfortable with an article about vibrators.

View the 'Final Frontier' issue   View the 'Liminal' issue   View the 'Machine' issue

 kate digilio was a teenager once.    Mania.     artist.

Mania series, 2013, mixed media.

Inspired by the recent controversy surrounding GQ Magazine's profile of One Direction and its fans, I wanted to explore the phenomenon of teenage girls and pop idols. Budding sexuality, mass media, and the thrall of peer pressure combine in a very interesting and fleeting way. While the fandom that revolves around each teen idol can be unique, taking on attitudes and fashions of the time, there is also something eternal and primal about what it is to be swept up in one of these fan mob movements.

 kate digilio shrunk the art.     #wkminigallery.     artist & curator.

We could all use a little more time to appreciate a little more art. The #wkminigallery was a way to enrich the charm of working at Wieden+Kennedy by putting a little bit of art in unexpected places. I installed miniature framed masterpieces around the building and encouraged fellow buildingmates to share their finds. Even Hypebeast couldn't resist a shot.


My name is Kate Digilio. I am a born and raised New Yorker who is 'too loud for her own good.'

I make mixtapes and think about media too much.

I am a member of W+K12.9, an experimental ad-school-mini-agency hybrid incubator housed in the walls of Wieden+Kennedy Portland.

I have worked at magazines and ad agencies and have a Bachelors of Science but please don't expect me to know very much about actual science or both of us will be very disappointed.

Download my résumé.